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If you would like to email a specific teacher- you can:

1. See the main email list *direct to staff

2. Click on the envelope and send them a message through the webpage (not as reliable).

3. If their name is blue- that will take you to their webpage.

Contact Catherine Alonzo  Catherine Alonzo ex: 37547 Info Tech- 6
Contact Sharlene Andersh  Sharlene Andersh ex: 37586 Math 7
Contact Madelyn Apodaca  Madelyn Apodaca ex: 37530 Spanish
Contact David Barnes  David Barnes ex: 37528 Science 8
Contact Patrick Beare  Patrick Beare ex: 37611 Band
Contact Aaron Bill  Aaron Bill ex: 37574 S.S. 8
Contact Jennifer Bramlett  Jennifer Bramlett ex: 37591 Gifted/Accelerated Math 7 & SAT Chair
Contact Bill Bumphrey  Bill Bumphrey ex: 37540 Math 7
Contact Kate Carrica  Kate Carrica ex: 37529 Science 8
Contact Alexandria Cerna  Alexandria Cerna ex: 37533 Health
Contact Jasmin Cordova  Jasmin Cordova ex: 37518 Sp Ed Math 8
Contact Ian Davis  Ian Davis ex: 37572 Band/ Drums
Contact Heather Day  Heather Day ex: 37587 Gifted/Accelerated ELA 8 / Debate
Contact Eileen Demello  Eileen Demello ex: 37510 SpEd SS & ELA 6
Contact Richard Demello  Richard Demello ex: 37552 Sp Ed ELA 6
Contact Damien Farris  Damien Farris ex: 37578 S.S. 8
Contact Laura Farris  Laura Farris ex: 37535 Science 7/ AVID 6
Contact Judith Grano  Judith Grano ex: 37539 ELA 7
Contact Jeffrey Grossoehme  Jeffrey Grossoehme ex: 37618 Sp Ed Science 7/8
Contact Donnelle Hand  Donnelle Hand ex: 37551 S.S. 6
Contact Jennifer Hudson  Jennifer Hudson ex: 37581 ELA 7
Contact Erin Hulse  Erin Hulse ex: 37513 Drama
Contact Gwendolyn Johnson  Gwendolyn Johnson ex: 37544 Sp Ed Science 6&8/ Study Skills
Contact Rachel Kain  Rachel Kain ex: 37536 Art
Contact Ashley Kasparek Garcia  Ashley Kasparek Garcia (505) 792-0698 ex: 37592 ELA 6 / AVID 7
Contact Francis Kittredge  Francis Kittredge ex: 37588 SS 6 / Info Tech 6,7,8
Contact Leticia Leyba  Leticia Leyba ex: 37571 / 37572 PE 6/7, ELD 8
Contact Mark Lopez  Mark Lopez ex: 37537 Science 7
Contact Kelly Love  Kelly Love ex: 37576 SpEd LA 8
Contact Cristina Mancuso  Cristina Mancuso ex: 37577 Gifted/Accelerated ELA 6
Contact Joy Mantelli  Joy Mantelli ex: 37550 Science 6
Contact Diamond Martinez  Diamond Martinez ex: 37541 Sp Ed Math 7
Contact Stefanie Mccoy  Stefanie Mccoy ex: 37585 ELA 7
Contact Donovan Mcintire  Donovan Mcintire ex: 37524 S.S. 7
Contact John Miller  John Miller ex: 37595 ELA 6
Contact Joseph Mitchell  Joseph Mitchell (505) 333-9124 Choir Teacher
Contact Kristen Mitchell  Kristen Mitchell ex: 37603 Web Design / Yearbook /Webmaster
Contact Maureen Nelson  Maureen Nelson ex: 37593 Math 6
Contact Orien Newton  Orien Newton ex: 37520 Leadership
Contact Patricia Nodal  Patricia Nodal ex: 37521 SES
Contact Melanie Olivas  Melanie Olivas ex: 37549 Math 6
Contact David Ornelas  David Ornelas ex: 37573 ELA 8
Contact Julie Ornelas  Julie Ornelas ex: 37531 S.S. 8 / AVID
Contact Adrian Ortega  Adrian Ortega ex: 37574 Math 8
Contact Christopher Ortiz  Christopher Ortiz ex: 37542 Science 6
Contact Diego Otero  Diego Otero ex: 37569 PE 7/8
Contact Dolores Padilla De Duran  Dolores Padilla De Duran ex: 37691 SES
Contact Matthew Pape  Matthew Pape ex: 37596 SS 6
Contact Nicole Paulson  Nicole Paulson ex: 37590 Sp Ed ELA 7
Contact Alma Pinon  Alma Pinon ex: 37537 Health 7
Contact Robin Quintana-Ramirez  Robin Quintana-Ramirez ex: 37572 PE 6
Contact Renee Ramsey  Renee Ramsey ex: 37526 Algebra/Math 8
Contact Lenette Rodriguez  Lenette Rodriguez ex: 37534 Science 7
Contact Roxane Rohde  Roxane Rohde ex: 37575 ELA 8
Contact Evelyn Sedillo  Evelyn Sedillo ex: 37580 Sp Ed SS 7/8
Contact Justin Thomas  Justin Thomas ex: 37594 Gifted/Accelerated Math 6
Contact Elena Trotter  Elena Trotter ex: 37553 SS 6
Contact Carol Trujillo Fay  Carol Trujillo Fay ex: 37525 ELA 8
Contact Amanda Vehar  Amanda Vehar ex: 37599 Sp Ed Math 6
Contact Gregory Vehar  Gregory Vehar ex: 37545 Foods 7/8
Contact Elena Viramontes  Elena Viramontes ex: 37592 ELA 7 / S.S. 7
Contact Sarah Warriner  Sarah Warriner ex: 37598 Math 6
Contact Cymeon Watters  Cymeon Watters ex: 37548 Gifted/Accelerated ELA 6
Contact Rachel Welch  Rachel Welch ex: 37589 Social Studies 7
Contact Sonya Welty  Sonya Welty ex: 37583 Math 7
Contact Annette Youngren  Annette Youngren ex: 37582 Math 8
Support Staff
Contact Nicole Bartmess  Nicole Bartmess ex: 37616 OT
Contact David Bibb  David Bibb ex: 37506 CSA
Contact Elizabeth Brejcha  Elizabeth Brejcha EA
Contact Elizabeth Campbell  Elizabeth Campbell EA
Contact Raelynn Maloney  Raelynn Maloney EA
Contact Jimmy Martinez  Jimmy Martinez E.A.
Contact Valerie Metcalf  Valerie Metcalf EA
Contact Maria Montes  Maria Montes ex: 37616 PT
Contact Sarah Morales  Sarah Morales E.A.
Contact Antoinette Najera  Antoinette Najera ex: 37562 Social Work
Contact Diana Perez  Diana Perez EA
Contact Saul Pineda  Saul Pineda CSA
Contact Sammy Quintana Ward  Sammy Quintana Ward EA
Contact Maribeth Sewell  Maribeth Sewell EA
Contact Shawna Sumner  Shawna Sumner EA
Contact Kathy Telles  Kathy Telles EA
Contact Michelle Armijo  Michelle Armijo ex: 37502 Principal
Contact Angelic Garcia  Angelic Garcia ex: 37505 Principal's Secretary
Contact Jerri Lafer  Jerri Lafer ex: 37504 Assistant Principal
Contact Kyle Mac Donald  Kyle Mac Donald ex: 37503 Assistant Principal
Contact Suzanne Newsome  Suzanne Newsome ex: 37563 Dean of Students
Contact Sona Stockham  Sona Stockham ex: 37558 Dean of Students
Contact Adrian Telles  Adrian Telles ex: 37532 Assistant Principal
Contact Kimberlee Bloemker  Kimberlee Bloemker ex: 37560 8th Grade Counselor
Contact Crystal Lopez  Crystal Lopez ex: 37501 Attendance/Front Office
Contact Elizabeth Owens  Elizabeth Owens ex: 37561 Counseling / Registration
Contact Freida Trujillo  Freida Trujillo ex: 37557 7th Grade Counselor
Contact Robert Wiebelhaus  Robert Wiebelhaus ex: 37559 6th Grade Counselor
Head of Special Education
Contact Vanessa Jaramillo  Vanessa Jaramillo ex: 37555 Head of Special Education
AVID Director
Contact Laura Farris  Laura Farris ex: 37535 Science 7/ AVID 6
SAT Chair
Contact Jennifer Bramlett  Jennifer Bramlett ex: 37591 Gifted/Accelerated Math 7 & SAT Chair
Health Room
Contact Juan Cordova  Juan Cordova ex: 37565 Health Assistant
Contact Anna Sedillo  Anna Sedillo ex: 37566 Nurse
Contact Evangeline Pena  Evangeline Pena ex: 37601 Librarian
Athletic Director
Contact Mark Lopez  Mark Lopez ex: 37511 Athletic Director
Director of After School Programs
Contact Jasmin Cordova  Jasmin Cordova ex: 37518 Sp Ed Math 8
Cafeteria Manager
Contact Cecilia Kang  Cecilia Kang ex: 37694 Cafeteria Manager
Head Custodian
Contact Leroy Ulibarri  Leroy Ulibarri ex: 37570 Head Custodian
Contact Kristen Mitchell  Kristen Mitchell ex: 37603 Web Design / Yearbook /Webmaster