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THMS Student Handbook

The above file is also in the Student Agenda.

Drop-off & Pick-up

When checking out a student:

  1. You MUST present a photo ID.
  2. You MUST be on your student's records to be authorized to check-out.
  3. Please allow a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes when signing a student out – it takes at least that amount of time to verify valid picture ID, issue a pass, and send for the student. Please note, during a lunch period-sign out time may take additional time.
  4. To make the end of the day run smoother for us all, we ask you to please avoid checking-out your student after 2:30 PM. 

For your student's safety, we cannot pull them out of class prior to the authorized person coming in and presenting a valid photo ID. 

Unauthorized Items

Students should bring only necessary materials to school. All other materials are considered unnecessary and a potential distraction to the instructional program.

The following are some, but not all, of the items that students may NOT have at school: chains, trading cards or collectibles, cameras, bandanas, squirt guns, toys of any kind, permanent markers, video games, radios, speakers, MP3 players, iPods, dangerous objects, valuable items, laser pointers, body sprays or perfumes. All items will be confiscated.

Possession of these items are considered serious and will result in consequences including, but not limited to, lunch detention, community service, Evening School, short-term suspension, possible discipline hearing and long-term suspension, and/or report to civil authorities:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cigarettes/e-cigarettes, lighters, matches
  • Tobacco products
  • All illegal substances or contraband
  • Knives, sharp objects, or sticks
  • Slingshots
  • Firearms/projectiles
  • Weapon look-alikes
  • Spray paint
  • Fireworks

Tony Hillerman Middle School is NOT responsible for loss, damage, or theft of personal items.