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Contact Anna Sedillo  Anna Sedillo ex: 37566 Nurse
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Contact Juan Cordova  Juan Cordova ex: 37565 Health Assistant

Google number 505-750-4504 

email -

I will be available M-F 8:15 - 3:05 pm.via the school phone and/or my google number. Please call anytime and leave a message if I am unable to answer, and I will return the call. You may also email any questions/concerns/ health updates for your student.


Our Students will feel supported and cared for by the health office staff. Our students will promote a positive health outlook and have access to health education.

Health Office Mission:

We will support a student's success by providing health care through assessment and intervention for our students in the school setting. We will collaborate with parents and staff to address the physical and emotional needs of our students to support their achievements in school.

Flu Shots !!! Got Shots Clinics!!

Go get your Flu shot this Fall. You may call your primary care doctor, visit your pharmacy, or click link below for flu clinics being held. 

Get Your vaccinations up to date with the NMDOH requirements for school. 

7th Grade vaccination Requirements

All 7th graders will need to have a Tdap Booster and Meningococcal vaccine.

Visit Vaxview.NM to get access/copy of your shot record.



Please let us know if your student has a health concern, diagnosis, or injury. This will help us to ensure their safety during the school day.

We always attempt to reach a parent or guardian by phone when a student comes to the health office.  We ask that if a student is injured or ill, they come to be evaluated in the health office and not call parents or guardians from their cell phones.

Emergency Medication: If your student has asthma that requires a rescue inhaler, or an allergy that requires an EpiPen,  they should carry this on their person at all times. Please complete an action plan and turn it into the health office. 

Medication: Students are not allowed to carry medication on campus without written approval in the health office. If you would like to have any over the counter medications available for your student at school, such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol, allergy medication, or cough drops  etc., please take a look at the APS Medication Policy to the right to find the needed forms. You may also stop by and get a copy from the health office. Please call at anytime with any questions.

Please call the nurse to discuss any medication that may need to be taken at school that is prescribed by a doctor and complete the provider authorization form.

*****Get your student ready to come back into the school by following these safe practice guidelines listed below!!*****

Please Read the parent letter below that may be sent home with your student if they come to school and have/displaying or develop any symptoms from the student daily COVID health questions.  

APS Community Resources

Please view New Mexico Crisis Access line with the new app for mobile phones, which gives you 24 hr access to reach someone for support.

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Please notify The Health Office of a Covid + Result

Please contact THMS administration team or the Health office if your student tests positive for COVID and/or may be in isolation/quarantine. The reasons for this are mostly so that we can support you and your student and make sure we coordinate as a team during our remote learning. We are here to help!


Please see information below for the School Based Health Centers. 

Need Help with Health Insurance, See Medicaid Forms

Please see the forms above for names and phone numbers to reach our APS Medicaid specialists. Please call for any questions or help with applying.