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Parent Letters & Flyers

Afternoon Pick Up - Updated Procedures


THMS community,

Please click on the link for the one-pager with the revised pick up procedures

As a reminder:

  • In order to best accommodate the large volume of parent drivers, we have revised our afternoon pick up procedures. 
  • The morning drop off will remain the same.
  • As you review the plan we ask that you prepare by writing your student’s LAST NAME on a large piece of paper and place on the vehicle dashboard. We hope this will help the process run smoothly and safely. 
  • When you enter the parking lot, please adhere to following:
    • Last names A-L, go to the west side of the parking lot. 
    • Last names, M-Z stay on the east side of parking lot. 
  • Students will be waiting in the loading zone area (6-7 cars at a time). Cones will be placed to designate the loading zone area. After all cars are loaded traffic will exit south of the parking lot. 
  • Please adhere to all staff instructions and be patient as we safely direct your student to your vehicle. 

Thank you,

Principal Armijo


Hello THMS families,

This is an IMPORTANT email with a vital ACTION ITEM FOR PARENTS.  Read below for details on how we are proceeding with in-person learning and the online option, and then complete the APS Return to School survey for each child you have at Tony Hillerman MS.  One form per student -- very important!  The deadline for this form is Friday (March 19) at 3:15 PM.  Please do not miss that deadline!  If you do not complete the form for a child, they will be automatically rostered for full-time in-person learning and we will have missed an opportunity to collect helpful logistical information from you.

Form Link

Our Interim Superintendent, Scott Elder, sent an important email highlighting the plans to return on April 5, 2021. If you haven’t had a chance to read through the email, please do so. 

What will this look like at THMS?  Below, I've provided information that we are still working through this week but wanted you to have as you make your decision.  We will not be able to answer every specific question this week, so we have attempted to answer as many common or expected questions as possible below. As we get closer to April 5, I will continue to send information to you.

·       School will look and feel different than when your child was last on campus one year ago.

·       Students who are full-time in-person will rotate classes physically.

·       Every class will start with both in-person and remote students equitably attended to, to the best ability of the teacher.  The minimum goal is to ensure synchronous access to core instruction for remote students.  There are several technological approaches to this, and we will get better over time.

·       Although in-person students will have the benefit of direct instruction from their teacher in the classroom, the majority of their academic tasks will still be performed via their computer device.  Our teachers will also be responsible for instructing remote students who are learning from home.  

·       In-person instruction will be from 8:10 am - 3:05 pm, Monday through Friday.  

·       Remote instruction will follow the in-person schedule, the 2020-2021 THMS bell schedule. That means students will attend all 6 periods, five days a week. Teachers will provide synchronous instruction for part of the class period and then students will be able to log off for asynchronous time. See the THMS bell schedule below.


·       Students attending on-site classes are required to bring their charged Chromebook device and charger to each class, every day. 

·       Students attending on-site classes shall have their THMS agenda with them each day.  The school will issue agendas to those who need a replacement. 

·       Lockers will be unavailable.  Students shall bring a backpack to carry their materials. 

·       Students must follow the APS guidelines for attire. They are not restricted to following the specific THMS dress code during this time. We will resume enforcement of the THMS dress code in the fall. 

·       Some teachers may not be on-site and we may use substitutes, EAs, or other school personnel at times. Students may be asked to go to a designated location with their Chromebooks for instruction. 

·       There is NO option for "partial" in-person learning.  It's full-time in-person or full-time remote.

·       All students will be provided free breakfast and lunch. 

·       All students and staff who are on campus will be wearing a mask at all times, except for eating and drinking water.  The CDC guidelines for a mask are required to be followed.

·       Students may not drink from the water fountains. We ask that they bring a water bottle to fill as necessary. 

·       Social distancing will be maintained to every extent possible.  Depending on the number of students rostered for full-time in-person learning, we may not be able to keep 6 feet of distance in many of our classrooms.  

·       All common touchpoints and bathrooms are on a strict cleaning/sanitizing schedule with lots of attention.  

·       If an in-person student is too sick to be in school but well enough to join from home, they will be marked present as long as they show up to class on Google Meet.  This will help encourage students with any symptoms to stay home for the day.  

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support during this transitional period. 

Best regards,

Principal Armijo