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New and returning students can now register online!

Returning students need to complete online registration, pick up their schedule, and pay fees, BEFORE the first day of classes.

Registration hours: 8:30am to 3:00pm

Registration for New Students Coming from Outside of APS-

Note: Family living with family must have their CURRENT ADDRESS on drivers' license, voters' card, PNM/Gas bill of the person you are living with, and a notarized form from APS and notarized letter from the person you are living with.

You will need to first create a ParentVue account without Activation Key and student id number by going to APS ParentVue page.  

Then you will go to your new ParentVue account  and follow the prompts to complete the On Line Registration for your student.

Registration for new students cannot be completed until you (as the enrolling parent or guardian) have provided identification in the form of driver's license, passport, ID card or other legal proof of identification.

Parent/Guardians will also be required to show a copy of the student's birth certificate showing the enrolling parent's name or proof of custody showing legal guardianship.

Proof of Residency

Families need to provide proof of residency each school year. Among the documents that will be accepted to establish residency is:

• A current New Mexico Driver's license

• A deed or mortgage payment receipt

• A current property tax bill, current lease or housing agreement

• A current utility bill

Supply Lists

Bus Information