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Who to Contact

We offer many resources and are ready to help you and your student! To best support you, we've compiled a list of who to contact for what.

We hope it helps you!

Contact your child's teacher for:
  • Questions or concerns about grades
  • Classroom happenings and incidents
  • Bullying in the classroom
Contact the principal for:
  • Times you can't talk to the teacher
  • Parking lot drop-off questions
  • Playground questions
Contact your child's counselor for:
  • Bullying
  • Friendship and relationship questions
  • Information on getting free school supplies
Contact the Activities/Athletic Director for:
  • Student club questions, including sponsorship or coaching
  • Student eligibility for extracurricular activities
Contact Student Transportation Services for:
  • Bus stop questions
  • Bus service information
Contact the School Nurse for:
  • Immunization requirements for school attendance
  • Medications at school
  • Help with health referrals